The kittens by:lBoots x Tao EmpiretGay

The kittens of Boots & Tao are born on April 24th 2012.

There are 1 brown boy, 1 black & high white boy (80% white) and 1 black & white girl.

Most of the kittens are huge, very vivacious and they are very tipy.


1 day

brown tabby boy,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Black & white girl


Black & high (80%) white boy (maybe brown & high white)


10 days

(Brown boy left us accidentaly. I wish him be happy in the world of heaven)


black & white girl (optioned)


brown & white boy (most probably he stays with us)


20 days

black & white girl (reserved)


brown & high white boy (stays with us)


47 days

Neomi (reserved)


Liberation (stays with us)




72 days

Neomi (reserved)


Liberation (stays with us)


90 days

Neomi (placed - she is gone to live in a Holland cattery)


Liberation-aka.Mac (stays with us)


120 days

Liberation (aka.Mac) is our new young hope. He has exytremely huge high set ears and very squared long muzzle with a strong chin, and his attitude is so dignity. Bedides, he has a very sweet character. We love him sooo much !!