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Female : Kate
Hanabi Venus Scarlett Quincy  


Brown Classic (blotched) tabby/white
Date of birth 03. 08. 2015



Kate is out of the litter of Tosca and RW. SGC. Wistariantale Michelangelo. It was a gorgeous litter of 7 and some of them are already sucesses at the shows, like QGC. Tica Wistariantale Prince George, Wistariantale Keops (WCF) etc.

Kate has a beautiful head with the highly set large ears, squared muzzle with strong chin and her profile is well pronounced. Her body and tail are long enough. Her coat is with the shining black colour with light contrasted brown. Kate is also an extraordinary atheletic girl climbing everywhere where she may reach. Though she has a wonderful sweet character asking a lot of cuddling ;-))

Both her parents are Negativ of HCM/DNA, conseguently she is N/N. Also Negative of PKD and PKDeficiency.

She got some finals at Tica shows as a kitten and will be shown near future as an adult.



Kitten class







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